Corona – A guide to help

Especially now in this often difficult time, we have to stay together.

If you need immediate help, send us your message via mobile phone. This service by ADMUSEMENT is free of charge.

We have set up a WhatsApp Account especially for this:

+49 40 228 60 350 or click here

Please send us preferably a voice message with your name and the attraction you work for. Thanks a lot!

Please contact us for further topic suggestions or requests.

1. Analysis

In the first step, we identify the most important and meaningful goals for your success as our customer. We define your wishes that will then form the central guideline for our successful cooperation.

2. Strategy

Once we have laid the foundation, we develop the right ideas. Our measures will enable you to achieve your goals, taking into account your schedule, budget and all other conditions that are important to you.

3. Implementation

An idea is only as good as its implementation. At ADMUSEMENT we therefore take up what was first on paper and put it into practice using  film, photography, design, programming and training for your success.

Our motivation

Let’s win your clients’ smiles, together

Would you like to know what we can do for you?

As experts for marketing and sales in the leisure industry we offer you the following services:

Services for amusement parks and other getaway destinations

Ranging from climbing parks to large amusement parks – we develop individual solutions tailored to you and your target audience. We pursue the goals of your company and sustainably increase your awareness and your sales figures.

Services for suppliers and manufacturers

From the planning office to the manufacturer – we support you in building up your image and awareness throughout your industry. With the right strategy, we optimize your sales channels and increase your opportunities and sales figures on the market.

Five good reasons for cooperation:

1. Work with experts

We know your target audience, what’s new, and what works in the industry.

2. Save time

Where other agencies take a long time to familiarize with your business, we know your world and are ready to start immediately.

3. Be understood

We speak the industry language and easily understand what you tell us about your product.

4. Work with passion

We could do so many other things, but at ADMUSEMENT we do what makes us happy.

5. Get our Donuts


“Together with my team, I develop and implement the right strategies for amusement parks and manufacturers, with which they receive more attention and thus generate more sales.”

Julian Omonsky, founder of ADMUSEMENT, nine years of agency experience and three and a half years of worldwide activity in the leisure industry.

Your admission ticket is our commitment.